Adomas Danusevicius is a painter of the young generation who made a strong debut on the Lithuanian contemporary art scene already as a student. In 2017 he completed his doctoral studies at the Vilnius Academy of Art and the internship at the Royal Danish Art Academy of Fine Arts. Danusevicius takes part in group exhibitions from 2004, and from 2008 he held several solo exhibitions in Lithuania, Denmark and Germany. He was a finalist and award winner of the competition “Young Painter’s Prize” many times. Works by Danusevicius can be found in collections of contemporary art in Lithuania and abroad.

The artist uses the expression of camp to deconstruct the images of masculinity that have taken root in culture, and reveal their artificiality. In his recent works, painting often becomes not only a tool for representation, but also itself is conceptualized as a medium – in other words, it not only represents camp, but also itself becomes an example of it.

Danusevicius’s painting is a synthesis of refined high-quality visual expression, urgent tendencies of contemporary figurative art, and intellectual contents. It combines the insights into the theory of gender, political and confrontational aims with personal narratives, and a tendency to provoke is replaced with intimate atmosphere and erotic connotations..
Always interested in new projects and available for freelance work.